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About Last Night...

What a strange moment in time we are living through?! A time of uncertainty and fear but also an already ever-growing sense of community and in-it-together-ness.

We have a choice: to allow the fear to consume us, or to surrender and choose faith. The latter can be tricky (especially financially) but possible if we all help each other by being there to listen and checking in regularly with our loved ones and those who need encouragement.

For me the interesting lesson is how much I/we had been taking freedom for granted I feel unfathomably lucky that I was able to put on my show on Saturday evening (the last performance at this venue for the foreseeable future).

My amazing friends, family and fans were able to sing, dance + laugh together and live their fucking best lives for the night, possibly the last time for a little while and I’m so grateful that we did. What can we learn from this? To sit with ourselves and listen... even though the silence can be a daunting prospect for some of us. We can also learn to surrender our perceived control, and be grateful for each other.

It has never felt so glaringly obvious to me how much human beings need each other. And I have no doubt we will rise up together when it’s time. The human spirit is awesome and historically a turbulent time is followed by celebration and rebuilding stronger than ever. I can’t wait In the meantime I’ll be over here trying to learn undistracted and quiet joy/peace in this strange little vacuum.


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